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Backend Development

How does your website backend match up? If you need a website which allows you to make edits on the fly or you need intergrations done, this may be the right page for you!

What is the backend?

The best way to think of this, is it's like the engine under a car bonnet. You know it's there and it's an intergral part of the vehicle which makes it work. For more comprehensive websites, the backend of the website allows for greater intergrations with scripting lanuages (i.e. PHP) for external connections, database administration which can be used to modify content on the frontend to make changes easier and on the fly, allows you to scale up your website easier and quicker which is key for businesses which mutiple locations, as well as many more useful purposes.

Language & Framework

We use the following languages and frameworks for back-end development...

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • well as many more Languages

If you're needing databasing or APIs for your website or online project, then you'll need backend development. We can help out with specific programming requirements as well at our App, Api & Other Developments page.

App, API & Other Developments

App, API & Other Dev

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