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Email Hosting

Do you love your email? Yes you so do... but does it work well for you? This is where we'll be able to help!

Basic Email Solutions

We can provide you with email mailboxes to get you started. The following options come with these email mailboxes...

  • Mailboxes from 250MB
  • Works with popular email clients via IMAP, POP3 & SMTP email protocols
  • Web Email Client (web mail) Available
  • Plentiful Email Forwarders (email aliases) available

If you get web hosting with us, this email solution above is available to you as part of that package for no additional cost, as long as your not using a separate email provider.

If the above sounds too techie, then feel free to give us a call and we can discuss this with you in layman's terms!

Advanced Email Solutions

If you want an email solution which caters for large mailboxes, on multiple devices, syncing your Calendars, Contacts and Tasks, with more configurable options, we can also help you out!

We recommend Workspace by Google for businesses and organisations which require more from their email system.

  • Sync your Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks across multiple devices
  • A lot larger mailbox sizes
  • Large cloud file storage solutions
  • Create and Edit Word Documents, Spreadsheets and Slideshows in the Cloud
  • Instant Messaging Systems
  • Video Conferencing Available
  • plus a lot more services and features!

For more more information about Google Workspace click the link below. If you need an email client for your PC, there's also information on eM Client. You can of course call us as well!

Google Workspace
& eM Client

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