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The Search Engines - why they are so important...

Chances are, as much as 90 per cent of the traffic coming to your website, will come from people finding your site on a search engine. So, it's vital that you get listed with them in a prominent position.

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. The search engine Google alone lists several billion web pages! And unless you are in the top 10 search results - you might as well not be there. And with hundreds and sometimes thousands of competitors, all wanting to be number one, getting a good listing is getting harder and harder.

So what to do?

Optimising your website with SEO

There is a small army of people out there who, for varying amounts of money, ranging from a few dollars to a small fortune, will promise to get you prominently listed with the search engines. Most of these services do this (with wildly varying degrees of success) through a process widely known as "Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO).

In theory, SEO involves preparing your website for the search engine spiders, so they will like what they see and place you at the top of the results pages. And while there are some genuine people involved in the business, it's also fair to say SEO has spurned a whole industry of shonky operators. Many of them will promise you the world and ultimately deliver very little of any real value. In fact, many of them can actually do you a lot more harm than good, by getting you banned from search engines for questionable practices!

The importance of optimisation

Whether you use the services of a professional SEO expert or not, optimising your website for the search engines makes good sense.

Question: Don't you just pay money to the search engine and get listed up the top of the list?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Even if you pay for advertising, this generally has nothing directly to do with your organic (free) listing.

Just because you advertise with a search engine, there's no guarantee they will place you at or near the top of the free list or even list you at all. And, there's always the question of where they will place you. For example, under what category and under which keywords and phrases will you be found?

This is where optimisation is so important. We can optimise your website to maximise your chances of getting a good ranking in the search engines. We can also help you with your online advertising with programs like Google Ads.

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